Mr. Gengyu Li, Professor Yuji Suzuki, Lecturer Minhyeok Lee received the Best Paper Award from the Combustion Society of Japan.

1. Affiliation

Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering


2. Awardees

Mr. Gengyu Li (M2 at the time, currently D1 at Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies), Professor Yuji Suzuki, Lecturer Minhyeok Lee


3. Award

Best Paper Award, Combustion Society of Japan


4. About the award

This award is presented to the authors of the paper for outstanding academic achievement in combustion research.


5. Date awarded

November 16th, 2023


6. Awarded paper

“Investigation of Premixed Cool Flame Ignition Characteristics under Mildly-Elevated Pressures by Using TDLAS,”

Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan, Vol. 65, No. 213, pp.178-184 (2023).


7. Messages from the awardees

It is a great honor to receive the Best Paper Award from the Combustion Society of Japan. In this paper, the ignition characteristics of DME cool flames under elevated pressures were investigated by measuring HCHO molecule concentration with Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), and the inhibition effect of cool flame reactivity with increasing pressure has been clarified. We believe that our experimental approach based on advanced laser diagnostics to cool flame phenomena, of which the importance of elucidation has increased recently, has been highly evaluated. By further developing the technology and knowledge obtained from this study, we would like to contribute to the realization of decarbonization in the field of combustion.