"Design" is the planning of creation for the improvement of the society.
In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, students practice the process of conceiving, planning, and realizing concepts of things to be made by themselves and outputting them to society through various exercises and project-based classes, and in the process, cultivate their design ability. Students also learn the conception, design, and expression fundamentals necessary for this process. Recognizing the importance of not only the material aspects of objects but also the aesthetic elements and sensibilities that bring richness to mind, we offer lectures in Sensory Design, design exercises conducted by product designers, and collaborative courses with Tokyo University of the Arts. We aim to cultivate engineers equipped with logical thinking and sensibility.

3rd Year S Semester [Intensive Lecture] Engineering and Design
"School of Engineering Common Subjects"

This course aims at education of “design” as a comprehensive planning of artifact considering aesthetics and users’ feelings as well as functionality.
Undergraduate engineering students of The University of Tokyo join a practice at Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts to learn and experience process of ideation and creation.
Works from the past projects
  • 「錆びた機械」"Rust Machinery"
  • 「樹影のともしび」"Lamp of Dappled Light through the Trees"

3rd and 4th Year S and A Semesters Creative Project for Undergratuate PJ
“Start-up training”
For Graduate Students throughout the Year Field Work on Design and Manufacturing I II
“Project Creation Learning (PCL)”

※The same content but with different lecture titles depending on the grade level.

Learning the concepts and Methods of Startups through Group Work
This is the training part of the University of Tokyo Sony Social Collaboration Course, where participants acquire the startup methodologies of Technology × Design × Business through social implementation. By engaging in hands-on creation, critical thinking, and repeated visits to test real-world usage, participants become the next-generation leaders in new business development, fostering overwhelming experiences and ambitious visions for the future. Participants will engage with students from Tokyo University of the Arts and Digital Hollywood University and current in-house entrepreneurs for collaboration. We welcome people eager to find a challenge for their lives, regardless of their academic background or grade.
Note: In the University of Tokyo Sony Social Collaboration Course, training is a lecture, and workshops and auditions are club-based activities.
  • Ignite Your Ambition
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I never really had something I wanted to do.
Since I joined DreamNet in my first year of college, I talked to many seniors. I met a lot of outstanding seniors who were precisely the kind of person I wanted to become. Still, honestly, I couldn't find what I wanted to do. However, in my final year of university, I was fortunate enough to discover something I could be deeply passionate about, and it truly brought me happiness.