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Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering [Mechanical A]

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering pursues "creating things and creating value" from a comprehensive perspective that encompasses technology, people, society, and the environment.The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a department that nurtures such human resources.


The research fields range from basic "scientific research" to
"practical research" that involves actually touching and making things,
and we have support for discovering what you want to do and a system
that allows you to choose what you want to do.

The power of mechanical engineering realizes
the sustainable development of a safe, secure, healthy,
and prosperous society through machines and
machine-related software, content, medical care, and welfare.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is the place
where people who pioneer new fields and boundary areas are
born and create "new things" and "new values"
that have never existed in the world before.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering will be
the foundation for your global expansion.

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Learning through both "lectures" and "exercises

In order to provide practical education at an early stage, lectures and exercises are held at Hongo from the A semester of the second year, and from the A1A2 term of the second year to the S1S2 term of the third year, basic subjects of mechanical engineering such as mathematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials and mechanics (so-called four dynamics), and applied subjects such as design engineering and production engineering are studied.
In the third year, each student is given a laptop computer and begins practical manufacturing exercises such as Stirling engine design and fabrication exercises, software exercises, mechatronics exercises, and digital engineering exercises. Off-campus training to experience industrial activities such as companies is also offered.
In the third year A semester, lectures and internships, etc. are held to allow students to experience laboratory research. Advanced and specialized lectures on mechanical engineering and exercises to foster creativity for manufacturing are also provided.
Upon advancing to the fourth year, students are assigned to their respective laboratories to begin their graduation thesis and develop their individual problem-solving skills through advanced research.


The mission of Mechanical Engineering is to realize "Science and Technology for Society" and to solve complex problems facing society. Our goal is to contribute to the entire industrial system by promoting research and development based on highly sophisticated mechanical engineering and integrating it with environmental engineering, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and medical engineering.
In addition, taking into consideration global environmental and energy issues, we aim to build things and create value from a comprehensive perspective that encompasses technology, people, and society.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering provides departmental recommendations for employment based on a long-standing relationship of mutual trust between companies and the university. Department recommendation is an employment support activity centered on acting as an intermediary between the "company" that has requested a student recommendation and the "student" who wishes to work for that company. In past years, almost half of our students have found employment through departmental recommendations.