The University of Tokyo Department of
Mechanical Engineering


Objectives / Rationale

Education provided by the Department of Mechanical Engineering master courses is intended to produce engineers who will play active roles in industries and the doctor courses to produce people capable of utilizing their talents in advanced special research and development as engineers. To achieve this goal, both departments place emphasis on "Self-learning through research". This is because we highly regard the students' ability to find and solve problems by themselves no matter in what field or for what object they may work in the future. Studying in these departments is ideal for students who want to further extend their abilities for their brilliant future. For two years in the master course and another three years in the doctor course, we emphasize that students continue research in their selected fields under faculty supervision to enhance their practical abilities required in various stages of the research. Specifically, they will learn how to select research themes, decide research plan, survey related references, develop the skill of experimental or theoretical analysis, organize and analyze acquired data, summarize research results, write theses, make presentations, and submit the contents to academic journals. During the process, students' initiative, positive attitude, good planning, creativity, concentration and patience are all important. To complete research through taking lectures on a wide range of subjects and challenging the unknown areas so as to acquire new educational and technical knowledge is sure to be a worthwhile task. Our faculty will help you succeed in finding your true aspirations. Education is provided by the faculty members who are highly regarded in their research fields. What's more, graduates from the master or doctor courses of the Department of Mechanical Engineering who have made splendid achievements in the academic and industrial worlds play major roles as leaders for you to emulate.

Academic programs

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Applied Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering (S)*
Information and Measurement (S)
Molecular Thermo-Fluid Engineering (S)*
Fluid Structure Interaction-Modeling and Design (S)
Solid Mechanics Seminar (W)
Advanced Thermal and Fluids Engineering (W)*
Micro Thermal and Fluids Systems (W)*
Molecular Dynamics & Nanotechnology (W)*
Bioengineering for Regenerative Medicine (W)
The Practice of Machine Design (W)

*courses offered every two years (every other year)

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Graduate Programs